Welcome to the Fittleton cum Haxton website

The parish of Fittleton is formed by the settlements of Fittleton and Haxton which adjoin and make a single village. It is a very picturesque village with 100 dwellings and a population of 261 in 2011.  The Church in Fittleton lies adjacent to wet pasture extending to the riverside but is bordered in the north west by woodland and the walled grounds of the former rectory and Fittleton Manor. The Church has a memorial window for HMS Fittleton, a minesweeper of the Royal Naval Reserve which sank in the North Sea in 1976 with the loss of 12 lives.   There are several thatched cottages in the winding narrow street leading to the village green known as The Pound in Haxton. This is surrounded by cottages, bungalows and a high wall of brick and flint. Lying behind the high wall is Haxton Farm and its historic farmhouse approached through an avenue of limes. Fittleton Parish includes Netheravon Airfield which was created in 1913 for the Royal Flying Corps.   It is now used as a parachute centre.

The Parish has a Parish Council with 7 members, which meets every two months.   Fittleton shares with Netheravon a Village Hall which is called the Phoenix Hall.   The Parish Council meets there in the winter months, but meets in the Church in the summer.   As well as the responsibility of the Phoenix Hall, the Council has allotments within the village which they manage.   They hold two Village Tidy Days a year and the community pull together to keep the village looking neat and tidy. At Christmas, the Parish Council organizes Christmas lights in a tree in Fittleton and they hold a Carol and Mince Pie evening to turn on the lights and to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.


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