Minutes of the Fittleton cum Haxton Annual General Meeting 1930hrs Tuesday 9th May 2023 @ Fittleton Church

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr Mrs Dorothea Georgeson (DG)Chair
Cllr Mrs Corinne Gowman (CG)
Cllr Mrs Victoria Jago (VJ)
Cllr Mrs Sheila Symes (SS)
Cllr Greg Morgan (GM)
Cllr Paul Cranch (PC)
In Attendance:Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling (IBP)County Councillor
Stephen O’Grady (SOG)Clerk to the Council


Election of Fittleton cum Haxton (FcH) Parish Chairman

Motion to re-elect Cllr DG as Chair.

Proposed by Cllr SS; seconded by Cllr CG.

Cllr DG re-elected as Chair; signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


Election of FcH Parish Vice Chair

Motion to elect Cllr PC as Vice Chair.

Proposed by Cllr DG; seconded by Cllr GM.

Cllr PC elected as Vice Chair.


Acceptance of Apologies

No apologies received.


Declaration of Interests

No declarations made.


Agree Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of FcH Parish Council Meeting held on Tue 7th March 2023 agreed and accepted.

Copy of previous Minutes signed by Chair.


Election of Sub-Committees & Representatives on other Groups.

  • Phoenix Hall representative on the Management Committee

Cllr SS re-elected

  • Planning Sub-committee (2 members)

Cllrs CG and VJ re-elected

  • Footpaths & Rights of Way

Cllr PC elected

  • Transport & Highways

Cllr GM re-elected

  • Allotments

Cllr SS re-elected

  • Stonehenge Area Board

Responsibility to be shared between Cllrs DG and PC


Update on Council vacancy

Confirmation was received from Electoral Services that there were no requests made for an election, and the Council is therefore free to co-opt a councillor.  The vacancy will be advertised on noticeboards, in the newsletter, and by word-of-mouth.



Balances at year end:

Balance carried forward £6997.15

Summary accounts provided to the Council and all relevant year-end balances confirmed.


Approval to an Exemption of External Audit

Chair confirmed that as the FcH Parish Council annual budget is below the £25,000 threshold, the Council is exempt from the requirement to have the accounts externally audited on an annual basis.

Certificate of Exemption form signed by the Chair.


Approval of Annual Governance Statement
The statement was provided to the Council, and signed by the Chair.


Approval of Accounting Statement

Annual accounting statement, along with the report of the Internal Auditor, Mrs Linscer, were provided to the Council and approved.

The clerk will submit necessary end-of-year paperwork to PKF Littlejohn LLP, and display the statutory notices etc informing the public of their rights.



Agree subscriptions to local bodies

The Council agreed the subscriptions as listed on last year’s accounts will continue to be paid, namely:

Netheravon School: £100

Netheravon Day Centre: £150

PCC: £200

Per minute reference of the APM, the Art Group does not require further start-up funds, however the Council agreed a £25 donation for supplies to decorate the Community Larder.

Additional payments approved

WALC : £99,94

Insurance for the Council will be renewed on a 3-year basis: £157.18

            Auditor’s fee: £30

Review Standing Orders

The issues raised in last year’s minutes were addressed and Standing Orders amended accordingly, along with a number of other minor adjustments.  The Clerk will arrange for the revised versions to be posted on the website.

Additional Parish Business

  • There has been a growing problem in the Warren with waste piling up behind a house near one of the entrances. The Clerk will engage with Landmarc, as the body responsible for management, on this issue.
  • A problem was reported with a hedge encroaching on a village footway. Cllr GM agreed to have a word with the owner and ask for this to be cut back.
  • A question was raised as to continuity with the defibrillators, as ownership of the houses to which they are attached changes hands. As a contingency, Cllr CG agreed to host the device if needed.  In addition, Cllr DG will speak to the owner to see what arrangements may be made.
  • The fingerpost at the crossroads at the Everleigh Road is in very poor condition and in need of replacement. The Clerk offered to construct a replacement, to be reimbursed for cost of materials (traditional construction of locally-sourced English oak, with carved lettering and weatherproof paint).  Additional work will be needed to ensure it is properly installed.

Date of next meeting 7 March 2023, 7:30pm, Phoenix Hall, Netheravon.

*Members of the public are welcome to attend and to bring matters to the Council’s attention at this point in the meeting (max 3 mins per person). If a detailed response is required, it would be helpful for the clerk to receive your questions in advance of the meeting, in writing, preferably 5 days in advance of the meeting.