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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr Mrs Dorothea Georgeson (DG)Chairman
Cllr Paul Cranch (PC)Vice-chair
Cllr Kevin Friery (KF)
Cllr Mrs Corinne Gowman (CG)
Cllr Mrs Victoria Jago
Cllr Greg Morgan
Cllr Mrs Sheila Symes
In Attendance:Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling (IBP)Wiltshire Councillor
Stephen O'Grady (SOG)Clerk








Questions from Members of the Public



Report from Wiltshire Councillor

Highways Area Board will meet on 27 March.  Questions should be sent to the relevant cabinet member in advance of the meeting to allow for comprehensive answers to be prepared.  These will be collated by IBP and Cllr Graham Wright.

The focus of the meeting will be on the Stonehenge tunnel, to collate issues and identify opportunities, with a focus on being proactive at the local level.

The speed trial continues — there will be consideration of the policy around speed review.

The Community Joint Strategic Needs Analysis collates a range of data to inform local decision making, so as to enable Wilts Council to best allocate resources in line with local needs and priorities.

Cllr GM enquired as to whether there was any plan to deal with potholes.  Cllr IBP explained more money had been allocated at country level, over the next 2 years.  Improvement should be expected over the medium term, however this comes after 2 of the worst winters in a long time, and now that the seasons are changing, the increase in funding should allow for better preparation for next winter.

Cllr VJ enquired as to arrangements for drains and gullies to be flushed.  Cllr IBP explained that it is not possible for Wilts Council to do all areas.  While there has been an increase in funding, the work is often complicated by there being a problem with the outfall not being on land that is either owned by the council or accessible to council workers.  

Cllr DG raised an issue of reports submitted via MyWilts being closed summarily with no apparent action taken.  Cllr IBP offered to take this matter up if informed of any report being closed in this way.


Agree Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of FcH Parish Council Meeting held on Tue 9th January 2024 agreed and accepted.

Copy of previous Minutes signed by Chair.


Matters arising

a.     Clerk is to enquire with Enerveo regarding alternate arrangements for Christmas lights


Reports from Sub-Committees & Representatives on other Groups

a.     Phoenix Hall

There was £14,747 in the current account as at 31 December, with a further £6k on deposit.  The treasurer presented the long term financial outlook, indicating that 2028 will be a critical point when lack of income will have eaten into resources.  The aim is to reduce expenditure and increase income.
Race night was a success.
Next meeting will be on 3 April 2024.

b.     Planning
An application was received to for work on a window on the old side of the house.  It was noted that a conservation officer was actively involved in the process, and it was deemed that their expert input would be valuable.  FPC has no objection to the work.

c.     Footpaths & Rights of Way

Cllr PC presented a report as requested at last meeting.  Public footpaths would continue to be cut in accordance with the agreed map, available under Standing Orders on the website as Wilts Council do not cut footpaths.  The Droveway is Landmarc’s duty to maintain, and it is anticipated that they will do a heavy cut in April along with another one in the autumn.  General public spaces are maintained by the contractor, along with the paths.  The contract will be reconsidered for the new financial year, with Cllr PC to liaise with the contractor.

d.     Transport & Highways


e.     Allotments

Letters have been sent for annual rent payments.  13 out of 14 allotments have been taken, and it is hoped that the plots will all be filled this year.  No notice has been given by any tenants.

f.      Jubilee Committee


g.     Stonehenge Area Board



Account balances and transactions


£ £
Balance b/f 9 January 2024 10,195.88
Payroll 410.44
Phoenix Hall 55.00
Drain rods 44.98
Flower tubs 31.65
Christmas Lights Enerveo 436.98
Total expenditure (979.05)
Balance as at 12 March 2024 9,216.83



The Council RESOLVED to appoint Mrs Andrea Linscer as auditor for the 2023/24 Financial Year.


Parish Matters

a.     It was confirmed that the notice from Aster appearing on the garages was genuine.  They are asking residents not to park there as they are looking to rent the garages out.

b.     Cllr DG will be stepping down as Chair as at the next Annual Parish Meeting.  This post will therefore be filled at that time.

c.     The Clerk has tendered his resignation.  He will assist with the production of the end of year reports.  The post is currently being advertised, but Cllr DG will assume the necessary duties until a replacement can be found.

d.     Cllr DG reported on the plans for the D-day commemorations.  A beacon will be lit on the hill, with accompanying gathering.  Shrewton Silver Band will play, and there will be a fish and chip van.  The Council RESOLVED to provide funding of £100 to the planning committee.

e.     There has been a meeting of the committee overseeing the implementation of the new newsletter.  The Council RESOLVED to maintain their current donation of £100/year to subsidise production of this community asset.


Date of next meeting 7:30pm 7 May 2024 (Phoenix Hall).  The Annual Parish Meeting will take place immediately prior, at 7:00pm.

*Members of the public are invited to attend the AGM and to bring matters to the Council’s attention at this point in the meeting (max 3 mins per person). If a detailed response is required, it would be helpful for the clerk to receive your questions in advance of the meeting, in writing, preferably 5 days in advance of the meeting.