Minutes of the Fittleton cum Haxton Parish Council Annual General Meeting 1930hrs Tuesday 7th May @ The Phoenix Hall Netheravon

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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr Mrs Dorothea Georgeson (DG)Chair
Cllr Paul Cranch (PC)Vice Chair
Cllr Mrs Corinne Gowman (CG)
Cllr Mrs Victoria Jago (VJ)
Cllr Mrs Sheila Symes (SS)
Cllr Kevin Friery (KF)
In Attendance:NIL


Election of Fittleton cum Haxton (FcH) Parish Chairman
Motion to re-elect Cllr DG as Chair.
Proposed by Cllr CG; seconded by Cllr SS
Cllr DG re-elected as Chair; signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


Election of FcH Parish Vice Chair
Motion to re-elect Cllr PC as Vice Chair.
Proposed by Cllr DG; seconded by Cllr CG
Cllr PC re- elected as Vice Chair.


Acceptance of Apologies
Cllr Greg Morgan apologies accepted


Declaration of Interests
No declarations made.


Election of Sub-Committees & Representatives on other Groups.

  • Phoenix Hall representative on the Management Committee
    Cllr SS re-elected
  • Planning Sub-committee (2 members)
    Cllrs CG and VJ re-elected
  • Footpaths & Rights of Way
    Cllr PC re-elected
  • Transport & Highways
    Cllr GM re-elected
  • Allotments
    Cllr SS re-elected
  • Parish Steward Liaison
    Cllr KF elected
  • Jubilee Committee
    Cllr CG
  • Stonehenge Area Board
    Responsibility to be shared between Cllr DG and PC



Balances at year end: £699.15
Balance carried forward £8,891.61
Summary accounts provided to the Council and all relevant year-end balances confirmed.


Approval to an Exemption of External Audit

Chair confirmed that as the FcH Parish Council annual budget is below the £25,000 threshold, the Council is exempt from the requirement to have the accounts audited on an annual basis.
Certificate of Exemption form signed by the Chair.


Approval of Annual Governance Statement

The statement was provided to the Council, and signed by the Chair.


Approval of Accounting Statement

Annual accounting statement, along with the report of the Internal Auditor, Mrs Linscer, were provided to the Council and approved.

The clerk will submit necessary end-of-year paperwork to PKF Littlejohn LLP, and display the statutory notices etc informing the public of their rights to view accounts if required.


Agree subscriptions to local bodies

The Council agreed the subscriptions as listed namely:
Netheravon School PTA: £100
Netheravon Day Centre: £150
PCC Fittleton Church: £200
Wiltshire Air Ambulance: £150
Netheravon Newsletter: £100
Royal British Legion:£40
A total of £740.


Additional payments approved

WALC : £99.94
Insurance for the Council will be renewed on a 3-year basis: £157.18
Auditor’s fee: £30


Review Standing Orders

An annual review has taken place. No amendments required.


Additional Parish Business

  • The erection of a second SID/Slow Down sign was debated. Parish Council and parishioners of Haxton to decide the preferred options in the near future.
  • A ‘Paint on Pavement’ on the exit road from Haxton to Everleigh was discussed. The intention is to forward the proposal to the LH&FIG (Local Highways & Footpaths) at their next scheduled meeting.
  • The new finger post in Haxton is in the process of being completed by our previous Parish Clerk Stephen O’Grady, with the onset of better weather and some willing hands it will soon be ‘on sight’.
  • The 2023 venue for the Christmas Lights & Carols Ceremony was Fittleton Church and was deemed a success. A repeat performance will be requested for 2024.
  • The D Day Ceremony, (June 6th for those non historians) is advertised on FaceBook and posters within the villages. The Beacon will be lit at 9.15pm.

Date of next FcH Parish Council Meeting

9th July 2024, 7:30pm @ All Saints Parish Church, Fittleton.