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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr Mrs Dorothea Georgeson (DG)Chairman
Cllr Paul Cranch (PC)Vice-chair
Cllr Mrs Corinne Gowman (CG)
Cllr Mrs Sheila Symes (SS)
Cllr Greg Morgan (GM)
In Attendance:Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling (IBP)Wiltshire Councillor
Stephen O'Grady (SOG)Clerk
1 member of the public



Cllr Victoria Jago (VJ)






The recent situation with the cables is hopefully resolved.  Cllr IBP made contact with the responsible agencies and it is believed the incident is the result of driver error.

The details of the Household Support Fund are out on the Wiltshire Council website, for those residents in need of extra assistance.

A priority in the most recent business plan for the county will be dealing with anti-social behaviours such as littering, flyposting, car parking on verges, and roadside litter.

The draft Local Plan is currently making its way through the approval process at Wiltshire Council, with a cabinet meeting on 11 July followed by a full council meeting on 18 July.  If passed, it is anticipated that it will be put out to public consultation in the autumn, seeking evidence-based responses to the policies proposed.  Cllr IBP has offered to conduct a presentation and Q&A session in the local area for residents of parishes within his division.


Agree Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of FcH Parish Council Meeting held on Tue 9th May 2023 agreed and accepted.

Copy of previous Minutes signed by Chair.


Matters arising

  1.  The Warren: Landmarc has conducted an inspection of the site. They believe they have identified the source of the waste, and said that the MOD would be writing to the relevant person to require that the waste be removed.
  2. Overgrown hedges: Cllr GM reported that the matter has been attended to.
  3. Defibrillators: Cllr DG has spoken to the landowner, who gave assurances that the information has been conveyed to parties in the sale, with a view to obtaining a commitment to continue supplying the defibrillators with electricity. Cllr SS reported that supplies for the defibrillators are due to expire towards the end of September, and the Clerk will order replacements shortly before that date.
  4. Fingerpost: a quotation for timber has been obtained at £164.74. The Clerk will proceed with the order and construction.


Co-option of new Councillor

 One application was received from a local resident, who was invited to make a presentation to the meeting.  The Council resolved not to make an appointment at this time.  The post will continue to be advertised.


Reports from Sub-Committees & Representatives on other Groups

a. Phoenix Hall

The AGM and committee meeting were to be held on 12 July.

b. Planning
Two applications have been received since the last meeting:

Jade House: application for rear extension work.  The planning sub-committee conducted a site visit, and the Council has no objection.

Haxton Dairy: application to alter positions of front door and window.  The planning sub-committee conducted a site visit, and while the Council has no objection to the work, they wish to note a concern that the visual symmetry of the building may be better served by keeping the apertures in their current positions.

Wilts Council to be notified of the above decisions.

c. Footpaths & Rights of Way

Cllr PC has met with the Parish Steward and co-ordinated regarding the programme of work.  Potholes and verges remain the priority.  He has also followed up with Landmarc regarding the mowing of the Droveway.  In addition, Cllr PC met with the local contractor responsible for mowing/strimming, the results of which form the basis of the proposed mowing policy (see below).

d. Transport & Highways                                                                                                                                                         

Nothing significant to report.

e.  Allotments

All have been paid for and allocated for the current financial year.  One tenant has cleared and handed back their plot early, and attempts will be made to find someone to cultivate it for the rest of the year.

f. Jubilee Committee

There is potential to conduct an event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings on 6 June 2024.  More details to follow.

g. Stonehenge Area Board

Minutes of the most recent meeting can be found at this link.


Account balances and transactions

£ £
Balance b/f 1 April 23 6,997.15
Allotment rents 216.00
Precept 7,202.76
Total income 7,418.76
Payroll 564.72
Audit fee 30.00
WALC membership 99.94
Community First Membership 40.00
Insurance 157.18
Jubilee Fund 200.00
Art Group 25.00
Netheravon Day Centre 150.00
Newsletter 100.00
Coronation flagpoles 107.94
Allotment water 15.09
Total expenditure (1,489.87)
Balance as at 11 July 2023 12,926.04


Correspondence received

  1. An invitation was received to participate in a Wiltshire Police scheme to collate data from speed indicator devices around the county. The Parish is unable to participate in the scheme due to not having the requisite software.
  2. Comments on the draft Wiltshire Design Guide will be collated by the Clerk and if necessary submitted to the consultation as part of the procedure for the Local Plan.
  3. A request was received for orders of grit etc as part of the Parish Emergency Assistance Scheme, by the end of August 2023.  The Clerk will enquire as to whether this is separate from, or a replacement for, the previous system for ordering such items.  Cllr DG will obtain details of the salt bin previously at the Pound.


Parish Matters

  1. Standing orders review
    • Planning: all Councillors will be notified of incoming planning applications, however for expedience, consideration of applications will remain the sole responsibility of the planning sub-committee unless the application is sufficiently complex or impactful to require an extraordinary meeting of the full Council.
    • Mowing: the Council resolved to adopt the draft policy on mowing and strimming.
  2. Conservation Area condition review (cob walls): concern was raised about the condition of one of the cob walls in the village, which had previously been subject of an inspection by Wiltshire Council conservation officers, and was due for review this year. The Clerk will enquire as to next steps with this.
  3. The Council has resolved to award the Jubilee Cup for 2023/24 to Cameron Miles, in recognition of his efforts around the parish area. He will be invited to accept the award at the next meeting of the Council.


Items for next meeting

  • IT rationalisation (domain-specific email and shared drive)
  • Welcome Pack for new residents. The Clerk will obtain a copy of Netheravon’s letter to use as a basis.


Date of next meeting 7:30pm 12 September 2023 (Phoenix Hall)

*Members of the public are invited to attend the AGM and to bring matters to the Council’s attention at this point in the meeting (max 3 mins per person). If a detailed response is required, it would be helpful for the clerk to receive your questions in advance of the meeting, in writing, preferably 5 days in advance of the meeting.