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Parish Councillors Present:Cllr Mrs Dorothea Georgeson (DG)Chairman
Cllr Paul Cranch (PC)Vice-chair
Cllr Mrs Corinne Gowman (CG)
In Attendance:Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling (IBP)Wiltshire Councillor
Stephen O'Grady (SOG)Clerk
3 members of the public



Cllr Victoria Jago

Cllr Sheila Symes

Cllr Greg Morgan





Presentation of Jubilee Cup

The Parish Council offers its congratulations to Cameron Miles, who was awarded the Jubilee Cup for 2023 in recognition of all his efforts around the community.


Questions from members of the public

The Chair had received a written question from a member of the public regarding a street light which is obscured by foliage to the extent that it serves no useful purpose.  The Clerk will pursue this with Wiltshire Council.

A member of the public in attendance at the meeting raised the issue of traffic speeding on the Everleigh Road, and this posing a hazard to vulnerable road users.  The Council will investigate options in this respect, to include potential traffic calming measures such as road markings (among others).  The matter will be raised at the local Area Board and the Local Highways and Footways Improvement Group.


Report from Wiltshire Councillor


Netheravon Speed limit reduction trial – On course to be in place for early Nov.  Will reduce speed limit on A345 at Netheravon from 50mph to 40 mph for a year to assess whether or not the application of this along with SIDs, Speed Watch and Police checks is effective in reducing the speed. If successful likely that new limit will remain in place.

Council Web site - has a new look to make it easier to navigate and appealing with the incorporation of more types of media.  Much of the supporting detail will be re-edited to be briefer and more easily understood.  This is a huge task on every service and will take time.

My Wilts - All of the critical and most of the non-critical faults in MyWilts have now been fixed and in co-operation with the software suppliers of the Highways system (HIAMMS) we are improving the link between that and MyWilts in order to provide more meaning full information on reported highways issues.  This should be operational, i.e. giving a better user experience, later this year.

1st Quarter Budget Forecast - This year’s Council revenue Budget is £465.9M – at this week’s Cabinet meeting the first quarter forecast of outturn predicted a £0.311M overspend i.e.  0.066%.  This equates to about 6-7 hours of spending in the 365 days, 24hr per day year. A sound financial position in comparison with many other authorities.

Highways repairs - By using CIL to part fund the Trowbridge Leisure Centre project we have released £10M for Highways.

Our annual Highways funding of<£21M comes from Gov – same as last year but with inflation at 14%

Of that 5M goes on footways, signage and lighting and 2m of reactive pothole work

Leaving 14m for proper repairs and surface treatment – this year equiv of 69 miles or 2.5% of network

This extra Council funding will make that 130miles or almost 5%

Now to Mar 24 planning, consulting etc with all Area Board

Repairs Apr 24 for 2 years

Shall be addressing areas prone to potholes e.g junctions.

Local repairs first and dressing later

Works will be allocated to all parts or Authority/Area Board areas and Area Boards will be given opportunity to ‘sense check’ the proposed additional works

Plannings (probably misspelt) to be recycled as material for volunteer  byways projects

Wiltshire Connect - New call up (web or phone) bus service serving Pewsey Vale and extending as far South as Figheldean.

Need to promote in community.

I B-P obtaining leaflets and shall distribute to PCs

Local Plan Consultation -

27 Sep – late Nov

Stonehenge AB presentations to explain the process and equip attendees to properly understand and respond to the consultation.

Wednesday 4th and 11th October 7pm at Durrington Jubilee Pavilion.  Invite email out shortly.

Parish Steward – Please let I B-P have feedback on current service and any issues


Agree Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of FcH Parish Council Meeting held on Tue 11th July 2023 agreed and accepted.

Copy of previous Minutes signed by Chair.


Matters arising

  1. Welcome Pack: The list of contents of Netheravon’s pack was presented to the meeting. It was agreed to include a notice regarding the Conservation Area, as well as a note on range safety and the SPTA byelaws.


Reports from Sub-Committees & Representatives on other Groups


a. Phoenix Hall

Cllr SS sent the following update, which was read to the meeting:

Under Matters arising various points covered in respect of the hall’s general maintenance/upkeep.

Bookings Update – Hallmaster system all up and running. April and May bookings up on previous year, however June & July lower. August bookings are up especially as there’s not Cheerful Cuppa during Aug.  Taking future bookings from various/new interested parties in wanting to hire/use the hall.

Financial Update – Bank £12,497.42 plus £6,011.82 set aside/contingency for repairs and maintenance.  A new cooker has been purchased and has been installed, and a fire door in kitchen has been done. Committee continue to look for savings, although struggling.

Future Repairs and Maintenance - Small bolt on servery hatch to be replaced.  It was mentioned that the Committee Room carpet is in need of cleaning due to stains, but this would be undertaken once redecoration had taken place.

Any Other Business

Improvement of the grass area to the front of the hall required so wildflower planting being considered.

Member of the committee is looking at pursuing and assessing the availability of grants for the purchase of solar cell battery storage. No further action until a full Cost Benefit Analysis has been performed if Phoenix Hall funding is required.

Options for a picture of King Charles to be hung in the main hall.

Horse racing night being considered as a fund-raising event – details to be worked out irn respect of timing, food, drink etc.

With a substantial amount of equipment in the store room that belongs to the Youth Club – a letter would be sent with the options to remove/reduce.

Formal presentation to be worked up for committee members to review before further action taken in respect of amending the current pricing structure for renting the hall.

Date of next meeting: 18th October from 6.30pm

b. Planning

An application was received for the replacement of a shed at 3 Manor Cottages with a garden cabin.  Following a site visit by the Chair, the Council has no objections to this application.

c. Footpaths & Rights of Way

Landmarc has been chased re the mowing of the Droveway and Cllr PC has received assurances that the matter will be attended to.

Further work continues on clarifying areas of responsibility for mowing and strimming, with a view to refining the process and identifying priority areas to form part of the local contract when due for renewal.

d. Transport & Highways


e. Allotments

Still one vacant plot, otherwise NSTR.

f. Jubilee Committee

Next meeting on 26 September 2023.

h. Stonehenge Area Board

Next meeting on 14 September 2023.


Account balances and transactions

£ £
Balance b/f 12 July 23 12926.04
Payroll 376.48
Community First* 36.00
PCC Fittleton 200.00
Total expenditure (612.48)
Balance as at 12 September 2023 12,313.56


Expenses approved:

Yandles (green oak for fingerpost) -- £177.87

Defibrillator pads -- £159.90

Engraving -- £9.50



Correspondence received


a.  A letter was received re Ex MAGNUM SPIRIT, navigation exercise to take place on 2 December 2023. To be posted on noticeboards.

b.  Trench digging in Lower Street: a member of the public contacted the Clerk to enquire about workmen surveying for a trench to be dug in the area. It was established that this was to connect the water supply of MOD housing to the local water mains in preparation for the transfer of the houses into the private sector. No planning permission is required for this operation, but the relevant agencies are aware of the environmental and planning constraints and will factor them into their work.


Parish Matters

a. Tidy Day: possible dates were identified (15/22 October) and these are to circulated amongst Councillors to decide.

b. Date for Christmas Lights: to take place at 18:30 on 15 December 2023. The generator purchased with the Parish Council’s donation can be used to power the lights.

c. Poppies: a number of memorial poppies have deteriorated, and the Clerk will liaise with Netheravon to establish the supplier for these and cost of replacement. Cllr CG will provide details.


Date of next meeting 7:30pm 14 November 2023 (Phoenix Hall)

*Members of the public are invited to attend the AGM and to bring matters to the Council’s attention at this point in the meeting (max 3 mins per person). If a detailed response is required, it would be helpful for the clerk to receive your questions in advance of the meeting, in writing, preferably 5 days in advance of the meeting.